Just now the culture of the Pyrethrums is attracting considerable attention here, not so much as an article of export, but to supply the home demand. Owing to the difficulty experienced in procuring seed very little progress has been made, and the slow germinative qualities, which are particularly marked in the cultivation of P. roseum, have made its production as an article of commerce, almost a failure. However, in the last two or three years, parties near San Francisco and the region adjacent to the Sacramento river, have met with considerable success. Prominent of these parties are Mr. E. Wolleb of Alameda county, and G. M. Milco, Esq., of Stockton, and to these gentlemen is the writer indebted for part of the information contained in this article. Mr. Wolleb has had comparatively little trouble in propagating either P. roseum or P. cinerariaefolium, while Mr. Milco has given his attention principally to the rearing of the latter, from which "Buhach" the popular California insecticide is prepared. Parties in the southern part of the state have cultivated the Pyrethrum with more or less success proportionate to the attention devoted to it.

The quality of the home product together with the un-supplied want of an effective insecticide will cause its culture to be watched with intense interest.

Selma, Cali/omia, Dec. 10th, 1883.