I am happy to say that through the result of my former investigations I am enabled to throw a little more light on the subject inquired after by two or three of your correspondents, namely - grub-worms in cauliflowers and other plants. These are very annoying to gardeners and others. It is very good to be able to find out what a grubworm will finally come to, but to be able to destroy the nuisance in the grub state I think is much better. The cabbage and cauliflower are particularly subject to these pests. The remedy is very simple. To one part of well slacked lime add four parts of fresh wood ashes, together with a small handful of fine salt to about every peck of the mixture. Let all be well mixed together, and spread over the surface of the ground, well raked in and mixed with the soil at the time of sowing the seed, or transplanting into frames, and I will warrant those! grubs will never injure the plants. Also, to the gardener whose geraniums were injured by a grub-worm, let him at the time of planting out, put a handful of this mixture around each one of his plants, and he will not, I am satisfied, have to complain of the matter.

Chambersburg, near Trenton, N. J.