A correspondent says of the exhibition on June 14th: "Considering that this was not a prize day, the display of flowers was remarkably fine. Most prominent was the collection of rhododendrons from Hon. Francis B. Hayes, President of the Society, which comprised more than seventy of the finest varieties. For the benefit of those who may wish to plant these beautiful flowers, we give the names of a few of those most desirable among the hardy kinds: Everestianum, Caractacus, Queen of England, Mrs. F. B. Hayes, Album roseum, Roseum pictum, Grandiflorum, Purpureum elegans and Album grandiflorum. Among the half-hardy kinds, which require the shelter of a pit in winter, may be named, first of all, the Queen; others of rare and delicate shades are Fleur de Marie, Lady Gren-ville, W. E. Gladstone, Mrs. Hayward, Duke of Portland, Francis B. Hayes, Eclipse, Sigismund Rucker, Album elegans, Duchess of .Connaught, Mrs. T. Agnew, Minnie, Princess Louise, John-Walter, Princess Mary of Cambridge, Joseph Whitworth, William Cowper, Surprise, Mrs. James. Clark, Baron Schroeder, Lady Roll, Titian, Duchess of Edinburgh, Mrs. Clutton, Marquis of Lansdowne and T. H. Agnew; the last of delicate rose color, strongly marked with brownish purple, and forming the finest truss of flowers we have ever seen.

President Hayes also exhibited fine collections of German iris and clematis.