Mr. A Wintzer, West Grove, Pa., writes: " I send you by this morning's mail two blooms of the rose, Etoile de Lyon. I am afraid they may be out of condition, as they have been in bloom the past two days. They were grown without manure or stimulant of any kind. It takes the buds a long time to open and they look better when full blown than in the bud form. But, for summer blooming in open air, I think it is the finest yellow tea rose we have in our collection; in habit the plant is a fine bushy grower and good bloomer. It is one of the easiest roses to root from cuttings and there are probably more young plants of it in America than in France; but I do not think this rose will take well with our florists who want early blooms because they can grow Perle des Jardins much cheaper in winter".

[These were truly beautiful roses, and it gave us great pleasure to examine them. - Ed. G. M].