"E. J. W.," Rat Portage, Manitoba, Can., writes: "I clip the following from the Toronto (Can.) Globe of Feb. 16:

" 'The ' Confederate rose ' is the name of a new flower which is white in the morning and red at night. Four of them have been planted around the grave of Gen. Albert Sidney Johnson in the State cemetery at Austin.'

" If there really is such a plant as that described in the above clipping, I would like to know more of it, and whether it can be purchased at a moderate price. I subscribed for your Monthly through my news agent, and have been very much profited and entertained by the January and February numbers which I have received".

[We do not know of any rose under this name.

There are flowers which open white, and become pinkish when they fade, but we do not know of any rose which does this. It is barely possible that this is an exaggeration of some such fact, though still more possible that it is one of those silly paragraphs of a "smart" reporter, which do no credit to the newspaper press. - Ed. G. M].