The bright light of American winters is so favorable to flowers, that it is a matter of surprise to Europeans that we have such an abundance and grow them, especially roses, to such an enormous extent. The Deutsche Gartner Zeitung, of Erfurt, has a long article about our rose growers. In a tour through the New York rose houses he found Safrano, Bon Silene, Isabella Sprunt, Marie Van Houtte, Perle des Jardins, Niphetos, Catharine Mermet, Cornelia Cook, Douglas, Duchess of Brabant, Duke of Edinburg, Duke of Connaught, the kinds grown. Mildew - a form of Eurisiphe - was the only serious enemy he found. They did well under so low a temperature as 450 or 500. General Jacqueminot required more heat, but was more profitable.