Rose Hedges In Texas

The Macartney Rose makes one of the best protective hedge plants in Southern Texas.

Hybrid Lobelias

A new race has been originated by the firm of Vilmorin, Andrieux & Co., of Paris, between the American species Lobelia car-dinalis and Lobelia syphilitica. This is a new illustration, if more were needed, that hybrids are as fertile as original species, for surely these two plants are as distinct species as any one would desire.

Sports From Roses

We are getting a large number of new roses by sports. The Baroness Rothschild has made a sport, in the hands of Messrs. Paul, which is known as White Baroness Rothschild. Merveille de Lyon is also a sport from the same parent raised in 1882 by M. Pernet, of Lyons. It is popular, and M. Pernet has already made $5000 by it.

Moles And The Castor-Oil Bean

A correspondent recently noted that in his experience the mole was either killed by eating castor-oil beans, or else, from some dislike to the beans, gave them a wide berth, as seamen say. However this may be in regard to the bean, another correspondent from Merchantville, N. J., reports that they have no antipathy to the roots of the plant, as one has a regular track between two plants on his ground that are growing but a foot asunder.

Flowering Of A Night-Blooming Cactus

Mr. E. S. Miller, Wading River, N. Y., says: 'Noticing your article of the flowering of Night-blooming Cereus I thought it would be interesting to know that I had two flowers open June 19, one about July 15; this is on the flat leaved var. About this date the octagonal variety with flowers yellow outside, white inside, flowered also, and another flower about August 25th".

A Wash To Kill Scale

Kerosene, three gallons; whale oil soap, half pound; water, one gallon. Dissolve the soap in hot water and add boiling hot to the oil. Churn the mixture at least five or ten minutes, if possible through the spray nozzle of a good force pump. This emulsion is a thick cream which should adhere to the surface of glass and show no oiliness. For use dissolve one part of emulsion with ten parts of water. The above formula is for thirty gallons of wash.

American Small Fruits In Japan

A collection of many varieties of small fruits for trial in Japan has been sent to that country by Mr. Wm. Saunders, of London, Ontario, who will receive in return Japanese plants for trial in Canada.

Marlboro Raspberry

What appeared to have been a fine sample, reached us a mass of seething decay. It has been repeatedly stated in our columns that anything intended for the Editor should be sent to Germantown, Pa. The publication office is in Philadelphia. The Editor's office, is in Germantown.

Col. Wilder has from a plant of this variety, set out last spring, a cane which measures nine feet high, and two inches in circumference at the base.