European tree lovers seem to have lately given the name Blue Spruce to the Abies pungens of the Rocky Mountains. This tree is unfortunate in its names. At first it was supposed to be Abies Menziesii. When doubts arose as to its identity with the Pacific coast species of that name, it became Abies Menziesii Parryana - that is, a mere variety of Menziesii. Subsequently Dr. Engelmann regarded its differences wide enough to elevate it to the rank of a species, and it became Abies pungens. Prof. Parlatore does not regard the differences between Pinus and Abies worth generic distinction. With him they are all Pinus As the Table Mountain Pine is Pinus pungens un der the law of priority, a botanist who follows Parlatore will insist on giving our friend from Colorado a new name. Now as to its common name "Blue spruce,"Abies Engelmanni of the same region, and many other Abies, are just as "blue" as this is, and confusion will certainly arise from its name. Worse than all, a variety of Abies nigra has been known for a hundred years or so in European gardens as Abies ccerulea, which has been translated "Blue spruce," and so we go. "Blue spruce" seems to us an unfortunate name to start for this plant, but it is probably too late to check it now.