These have again been serious. We are fully satisfied that the only plan to avoid them is to keep them clear of dead brush, and decaying undergrowth. All who keep these fire traps should be made responsible for damages. No man has a right to leave gunpowder scattered round where there is danger of an explosion, and hundreds of acres of dead brush make circumstances nearly as bad. But even paying damages is not equal to prevention of the risk of careless-ness. The sooner these old forests with their tinder magazines are cleared away the better. We want young and new forests, free from all these dangerous contingencies. When the old ones are gone it will be profitable to plant new ones. When it is profitable they will be planted. No amount of pressure will induce planting till there is a chance of profit. We are clearly of the opinion that the sooner the American forests as they now are, are totally destroyed, the sooner shall we have new forests that will really benefit the country. Millions of dollars of property now given annually to the devouring element will be saved, and forestry as a valuable art and science will take an honorable place among us.