In the old world they are raging on improved potatoes. There, as here, they are fond of getting for speakers on great occasions some great man, whose chief claim as an orator for the occasion is the great ignorance he exhibits of the subject that he talks about. On one of these potato occasions, the great speaker delighted his auditors by expressing his opinion that the time would yet come when a potato would be raised worthy of the human race! If he had spoken this of the coming cook it would have been very commendable. Not one in a hundred of the cooks of our day knows how to cook a potato; and thus it is that the tame water-sogged things are not worthy of the human race! With a little salt and cold water and the potato brought to a boil, then the water poured off, and the pot kept heated for a few minutes to drive off the surplus steam, the potato may be made to rank closely with an orchard fruit.