Mr. E. L. Stur-tevant director of the experimental farm at Geneva, New York, says that an emulsion composed of one ounce of common yellow hard soap, one pint of kerosene oil, and one and one-half gallons of water, kept continually stirred while using to prevent the oil floating on the surface, and used through the rose of a water pot, will destroy all worms that get thoroughly wet with the mixture, and does not injure the plant, or poison those who use the vegetable. So far as we have seen, all insecticides which require water in the application are too laborious, and cause the crops to cost more than they are worth. If any one has used any of this class to any extent, and will furnish the figures, it would be appreciated by cabbage growers. In a small garden, or on a small scale, it is a good hint, and useful.