We believe this name is tolerably well adopted as the name of the Clian-thus, of which there are two species somewhat well known. One, C. Dampieri, is a rather dwarf perennial plant, though it does fairly well as an annual; but our lovers of annual plants do not seem to have very much success with it - at least, it is not often met with. C. puniceus is a trailer, or sort of half climber, as some of the Jasmines are, and when in flower is one of the most beautiful things in the floral world. It is rarely met with now, and more is the pity. It will not endure frost in our country, but is hardy enough to love a low temperature that is not actually freezing. It ought to be a popular plant in Southern gardening, and for greenhouse culture in more Northern climes. Even the New Zealanders love this flower, and cultivate it around their huts. It was first brought to Europe by missionaries to these savages, and, strange to say, has not been found wild by any botanical collector.