The Philadelphia Times pays a compliment to Mr. Peter Henderson: " One of the best practical essays on advertising that has appeared in print was read before the late Chicago Convention of Nurserymen by Peter Henderson. It goes to the bed-rock of common sense in advertising, and is worth more to his trade and to business men generally than any other review of the question of the present progressive generation.

"The main points presented by Mr. Henderson are - first, a supply of articles to sell that are needed by the public; second, knowing the class of newspapers that reach the people who are wanted to buy; third, knowing how and when to advertise, and fourth, exercising the fertility to use good judged original methods.

" Beaten tracks in advertising are to be avoided. Advertisements should be as original, as fresh and as attractive as the best literature of the paper in which they appear, and the intelligence and character of the readers of the advertising medium are the first things to be considered. Advertising is rapidly becoming a fine art, and the more it advances as a fine art the more advertising will be done and the more profit will result from it".

Dr. Eugene Fournier, known to flower lovers through the very pretty Torenia Fournierii, died in June last in Paris. He was one of the founders of the Botanical Society of France, and for a long time the Secretary of its valuable "Bulletin." His death is regarded as a severe loss to botanical science all over the world. He was but fifty years of age.