The reports of this body are always welcome, as for some reason they impress one as possessing an inellectual character, rare among reports of this:lass. In this one there is a paper by Prof. Bur-'ill on the pear blight, which most persons may read several times over with profit. Prof. Burrill, as is well known to our readers, has very carefully studied this matter from the standpoint of a scien-ific man, and is convinced that minute organisms: aracterized as bacteria, are the cause of this terri-Dle foe to the pear culturist. In this paper he not only gives additional evidence in support of this view, but goes beyond and shows how utterly impossible it is that the various " causes" given and reiterated at the many meetings of fruit growers:an have any relation to the disease. It is a very able paper, as are many others in the same volume.