"N. C. B.," West Philadelphia, asks: "Are the Mahoganies, Sweit-enia, popularly known as Cuban, San Domingo, Brazilian, Tabasco, and Honduras, different species or local names of the same species? I have seen Baywood, Persea Caroliniensis, called Mexican mahogany in trade journals and sometimes confounded with California Redwood.

[So far as we know, all the names in the first paragraph, belonged to the true mahogany, Sweitenia Mahogani. The name of Mahogany is however given by some people to many different trees. In the Rocky Mountains, Cer-cocarpus parvifolius is "Mountain Mahogany," and when a number of Philadelphians years ago assured us the "Mahogany tree " was growing in Washington Square, the writer was taken to a tree of the English alder, Alnus glutinosa, in proof thereof.

Persea Caroliniensis, is a plant allied to the sassafras, and has fine rose-colored wood called Rose-bay and Bay-wood, but we never knew before that it was known as Mexican Mahogany. Our correspondent is well situated for keeping track of these trade names for fancy woods; and we should be much obliged by any novelties in nomenclature which he may come across.