Under this name we have from C. H. Murphy flowers of a very beautiful Begonia. They are in dense forked cymes, and of a bright vermilion rose color. It is remarkable that in the nine stalks of flowers, there is not one female flower among them.

Under this name we received from Mr. C. H. Murphey, Urbana, Ohio, some blooms on which we commented favorably in our last. They were indeed among the most beautiful flowers we ever saw in the Begonia family. We now give an illustration of it. Mr. M. tells us that it was raised from a cross between B. semperflorens and B. Roezli. It is a vigorous strong growing plant, round and bushy in form, the everblooming rosy carmine flowers being borne along the stems but well up above the foliage. To our mind it is one of the grandest additions to winter-blooming Begonias that we have had since the introduction of Begonia rubra.

Begonia Semperflorens Gigantea Rosea.

Begonia semperflorens gigantea rosea.