Large Begonia

In Germany they have produced Begonias with male flowers 5 inches across. This is certainly enormous and they give it an enormous name, - nothing less than Begonia hybrida maxima floribunda. Yet we do not know whether this is not better to English speaking people than its common name, for we are told that in Germany it is said to be ausserordentlichenbluthenreichthum, - but at 5 inches across it ought to be all that the name implies.

Winter Prospects In New Orleans

A correspondent referring to December 6th, writes: "An unusually early 'freeze ' (mercury at 280 F.) occurred in this latitude yesterday and the day before. The result was as though a fire had passed over our garden. In somewhat sheltered situations the pretty little Aristolochia elegans of which I sent you some seed, was unhurt".

Prof. Alphonse Decandolle

Though in his 87th year, this distinguished botanist is yet so hale and hearty, that by the aid of glasses he is yet as well able to dissect plants as in his younger years.

Honors To Horticultural Editors

The labors of the editors of horticultural magazines seem to be highly appreciated by the governments and people of the Old World, judging by the number continually receiving public honors. An excellent horticultural magazine is the Evergreen, published in Leyden, in Holland. Its editor, Mr. M. H. Witte, has just received from the Spanish Government the honor of " Chevalier of the Order of Isabella the Catholic, for his distinguished services in Horticulture".

Greenhouses Of Storrs, Harrison & Co

These cover 45,000 square feet; and, unlike many greenhouses in commercial establishments, are models of neatness, lightness and strength.

Frederick Emile Simon

Botany and horticulture, of all other branches of art and science, owe a lasting debt of gratitude to chromo lithography. The inventor of this beautiful art, M. Simon, died recently at Strasburg, in his 81st year. He had been decorated by the Government of his country with the insignia of Chevalier of the Legion of Honor for the distinguished services his discovery had been to humanity.

Death Of A Veteran Editor

Some Horticultural Editors live long, in spite of the exacting and continuous nature of their duties. The death of Mr. Joseph Bermenn, the Editor of the Illus-trirte Garten Zeitung, of Vienna, has just been announced. He was in his 76th year, and in the harness to the last.

A Forestry Journal

Notwithstanding the failures of attempts to sustain a magazine solely devoted to Forestry, the Scottish Arboricultural Society will probably bring another into the world.