The leading scientific minds of England, instead of teaching that hybrids are generally sterile, mostly believe that many of the leading kinds of fruits and flow-ers in cultivation, the history of which is lost, came through species hybridizing. In regard to this origin, however, Mr. Rivers recently stated his belief that the peach has been improved by selection and not by hybridization. In a recent discussion he said:

" As regards the range of variation of plants of pure descent, he would mention the many new fruits raised by his father, Mr. Thomas Rivers, to which he had himself added, in continuation of his father's labors. Take the peaches for example; they were of pure descent; the peach had never been hybridized. Certainly there was no known record or evidence of such an occurrence, therefore all peaches were peaches pur et simple. Yet how various in character, and not only different in size, season, color and flavor, but in the smoothness or otherwise of the skin; for Nectarines were true peaches derived from the peach-stone, and he had seen both fruits in perfection on the same tree, and even on the same branch".