Orris Root

The roots of Iris Florentina, I. Germanica, and I. pallida, are the species of Flag used in Italy to use in perfumery as Orris powder. These are commonly grown in our gardens; but a lady writes that she thinks she has not got it true, for she tasted a piece and it blistered her mouth fearfully. This shows she has the genuine article, for this is how it does behave. It takes two years to dry before it gets its perfume and is fit for use.

The Resurrection Fern

This, in Florida, is the Polypodium incanum. It grows on trees, and curls up as if dead in a dry time, but unfolds and gets beautifully green when a dry time comes. It grows wild up to the banks of the Potomac.

Epitaph On A Child's Tombstone

The Editor unites in the regret of a correspondent who says: "Pity you should by forgetfulness spoil the measure of the old epitaph:

: "If so early I am done for, :

: I wonder what 1 was begun for." :

A Botanic Garden In California

Some time ago we noted a project for starting a Botanie Garden on a fine scale in California, the plan being developed from the fertile brain of Mr. Emery C. Smith, a young man of considerable talent and with much experience in the Eastern states. We judge from California papers that the project is meeting with great success. Dr. Bou-vard, the president of the University of Southern California, proposes to have in this garden, their scientific and industrial school.

Nurseries In Utah

The nurseries in Utah are in a nourishing condition. According to the Salt Lake Journal of Commerce, over 100,000 trees were shipped from the vicinity of Salt Lake City to Colorado alone. Flowers are also successfully shipped. Mr. John Reading, who built the first greenhouse in Salt Lake City, received numerous orders from other states and territories, notably Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and Nevada.


This is the vernacular in Florida for varieties of Prunus umbellata, as " Wild-Goose " is to a variety of Prunus Chicasa.

Edwin Lonsdale

The three large rose houses started by Edwin Lonsdale near Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, were all completed in good time, and prove to be successes. Each is 250 feet in length. One huge boiler serves the whole establishment.

H. H. Berger

This well known firm, that has gained a good name in the nursery business of the Pacific coast, is conducted by a lady, Mrs. H. H. Berger.

Hon. Joseph Chamberlain, the famous English Parliamentarian, is very fond of Horticulture, and has a well kept garden establishment near Birmingham. The grounds are beautifully laid out, having been laid out by Milner. There are numerous ranges of glass for exotic flowers, and fruit culture under glass is carried on to a great extent.