" F. M.,"Ostego, New York: "We have an old orchard of about 20 acres that is nearly done, and would like to set out five on the site, but are told by the late owner from whom we have recently purchased, that the soil is run out, and new trees will not do. Is this the general experience? " Not the general experience, but very often trees do not do well on the site of former trees, - not, however, because the soil has run out, but from the presence of fungus from the old decaying roots. When these roots have become thoroughly decayed, you may plant very safely on the site of an old orchard. Of course there can be no rule as to time. In some cases the old roots will be sufficiently decayed in a couple of years, but generally it will take more. It is only of late years that it has been conceded that the fungus from old roots will spread to those on living trees. Want of this knowledge led to differences of opinion as to whether it was or not wise to plant on old sites.