What a change in favor of gardening work has come over the world by reason of improved means of transit, since the days when some enthusiast had to divide his short rations of water with his beloved coffee plant, which he was trying to keep alive by having it in earth in an old hat! A nurseryman hands us some correspondence as illustrative of this rapid movement of trees. An order was sent from a gentleman in the southeast of England, on the 5th of October, for a large assortment of American trees, which had to go across the Atlantic to Liverpool, and thence a hundred and fifty miles through England.

A letter, dated 6th of Nov., says, "Enclosed draft for the trees, which arrived in excellent condition, and are all planted." Who would have thought, a few years ago, that an American nurseryman could dig up and pack a large order from England for trees to grow across the Atlantic, and that in 30 days he should have the order - send the trees, get them there, and learn that they had all been received and planted? Verily, the world does move, and goes on rapidly too.