We have specimens of flowers from Mr. John Cook, of Baltimore, which we regard as one of the most promising new varieties of the day, and which it is proposed to name as above. As seen by a casual observer in a glass of water on the table, he would think they they were Bon Silenes, Papa Gontier, Bennett, or something of that grand red class. Of course, the critical rose fancier would know at once he had something different to deal with. As far as we can judge from these flowers, Mr. Cook may feel very proud of his success. It was raised from seed of Bon Silene crossed with Louis Van Houtte. The odor is delightful, - sweeter even than that of La France, and seems a free grower that will be pleased with any ordinary treatment. Unlike some of the other good florists' roses, it seems to us it would make as good an out-door rose as one for winter forcing.