Storing Oranges

The efforts to keep oranges beyond their usual season, in order to avoid market gluts, are meeting with success in Florida. They have been kept successfully for 120 days after gathering.

Celery In California

Californians love to tell Eastern folks of their grapes, and figs, and other nice things, which set an Easterner's mouth to watering. But Eastern folks may take comfort in the fact that they can have luxuries they of the West must pine after. For instance, they cannot raise good celery, and without good celery, is life worth living?

Preserving Pears By Cold Storage

California fruit growers have learned how to keep pears by cold storage without deterioration of flavor. The Easter Beurre seems the favorite for this treatment.

The Crandall Currant

We have before us cuts, history, and description of this new offering - and, so far as these are concerned, see no difference whatever between it and the "Utah Black Currant" introduced many years ago by a Nebraska nurseryman - and which, distributed by Eastern nurserymen, is now growing as an ornamental bush in many gardens.

Kalamazoo Celery

Kalamazoo, Mich., can probably challenge the world in the production of celery. In 1886 it had 1,440 acres under celery culture, and it sold for $300,000. This is about $200 an acre. It would be interesting to know the value of the land per acre, and the cost of the celery crop. Hollanders are chiefly employed in the labor.

Globe Artichokes

These, which are the large heads of a plant not distantly removed from the thistle family, are not used in the east, except perhaps in a few gardens - but they are in general use on the Pacific slope. The plants require a little protection from the frosts of an Eastern winter.

The Bidwell Peaches

The several varieties raised by Bidwell, attracting attention in Florida, are said to be peculiar in having skins almost as smooth as nectarines.

The Delaware Winter Apple

Mr. D. S. Myer, Chairman of the American Pomological Committee for the State of Delaware, says that there must be some mistake about the Delaware winter apple being a new apple, as he can see in no respects any difference between that and the Lawver.

The Noble Strawberry

The English climate is more favorable to large strawberries than our dryer climate. Mr. Laxton sends us a colored drawing of his new kind, " Noble," which are 2 1/2 inches in diameter. It is one of those that bear in large clusters, and there are four of the large first fruits on the cluster, besides a large number of smaller ones.