A correspondent of the London Gardening World who has been traveling through the United States, pays the following compliment to the United States Botanical Garden:

" The Botanical Garden is close by. It is about ten acres in extent, and is well laid out. The main conservatory is 300 ft. long, 60 ft. wide, height of dome. 40 ft., and wings 25 ft. In connection with this are ten other houses, and a lecture and botanical class room for students. The houses contain a very fine collection of plants, such as are generally found suitable for botanical study. There is also a very fine collection of stately Palms, majestic tree Ferns, large specimens of officinal and medicinal plants, a grand collection of succulents, a choice collection of Orchids, etc, all in very fine condition. There is no other place in America where such an unique collection is to be seen. These botanical gardens are constantly receiving importations from various parts of the world. The place is in admirable condition, and is under the able superintendence of Mr. W. R. Smith, who has had charge here since 1852, and who is greatly respected, his kindly genial manner having made for him a host of friends in all parts of the world".