The Grass Edging Knife

The Grass Edging Knife, (Fig. 119), is used for cutting the grass edgings of flower-beds, its rounded edge fitting into curved lines, for which the spade would be unsuitable.

The Grass Edging Knife 51

Fig. 119.

The Grass Edging Knife 52

Fig. 117.

Fig. 118.

Fig. 120.

Fig. 121.

Fig. 123.

The Sickle

This is a most useful implement for switching around and trimming off grass, in places where the scythe or lawn mover cannot he used, or where the place to be cut is email.

Hedge Shears

Hedge Shears, (Fig. 121), are better fitted for clipping hedges than the Bill Hook times used for the purpose, pari in inexperienced hands. A lino be set at the hight to which the is to be cut, us a guide to we

Hand-Pruning Shears

Hand-Pruning Shears, (Fig - ), These are very efficient and useful; they will cut off a small branch as clean as if a knife had been need. They are indispensable in pruning small fruit-trees and vines, and for use in the grapery and garden.

Pole Ok Tree Pruning Shears

These shears are attached to a pole, and operated by means of a lever moved by a cord or a wire; they enable one to cut off branches from trees, shrubbery, etc., that are beyond the reach of the ordinary pruning shears. Branches of an inch and a half in diameter may be easily cut off with this instrument.

Garden Syringe

The syringe is in daily use in the greenhouse or conservatory, where syringing is necessary to keep the plants in a flourishing and healthy condition. They are made of several sizes and patterns, and fitted with roses for dispersing water with varying force.

Fig. 123.-b Tree Pruner.

Garden Syringe.

Fig. 124. - Garden Syringe.


A watering-pot is indispensable in the greenhouse or conservatory, where it is daily needed. It should be obtained of a suitable size, from one to four gallons, with a rose for sprinkling, which may be detached at will,

The Excelsior Pump

The Excelsior Pump, (Fig. 125), is a very compact and useful implement for greenhouse and garden work. It is easily operated, and throws a continuous stream. It is very effective for watering shrubbery, gardens, or lawns, and may be used in an emergency as a fire extinguisher and prevent a conflagration.

Excelsior Pump.

Fig, 125. - Excelsior Pump.

The Sidney Seed-Sower

This is a very useful implement, enabling the operator to sow seeds with perfect regularity, especially in wet or windy weather. It will distribute large or small seeds with equal regularity, either broadcast or in drills or pots.

Fig. 126.

The Excelsior Weeding Hook

The Excelsior Weeding Hook, (Fig. 127), is a very handy implement for removing weeds from among small and tender plants, and for stirring up the soil. It can be used between rows of seedlings, ornamental plants, or wherever it is desirable to remove weeds, without injury to the plants or soiling the hands.

The Excelsior Weeding Hook 55

Fig. 127.

Noyes' Hand Weeder

Noyes' Hand Weeder, (Fig. 128), is a kind of miniature hand hoe, and is very convenient and useful for working between plants, dressing pots, and cleaning away weeds, where a large hoe could not be used to good advantage.

Noyes Hand Weeder 56

Fig. 128.

Ladies' And Chil-Drens' Garden Tools

In all flower gardens there is a great deal of hand-work to be done. This lot of small implements consisting of a spade, fork, rake, and hoe, will be found very useful in working on small flower borders.

Step Ladders

The step-ladder is always useful in a garden, especially during the fruiting season. It is made in different sizes, varying from three to ten feet, and weighing from ten to thirty pounds; it is made with flat steps, so that a person may stand upon them while working, and can he extended or contracted as required. For use amongst large trees, in the orchard, a much greater length of ladder is required, and there are various forms of orchard ladders in use, but the step-ladder is sufficient for all ordinary garden uses.

Small Garden Set.

Fig. 129. - Small Garden Set.

Step Ladder.

Fig. 130. - Step Ladder.


The uses of these have been mentioned under cauliflowers, cucumber, etc Home-made hand-glasses, being simply a small frame covered with a pane of glass, are very useful, hut as they exclude some light they are not equal to those made with glass all around. Hand-glasses with metal frames and glass sides and top, are made of different sizes and styles, one of the more elaborate of which is shown in Fig. 131. Though somewhat expensive, they will, if carefully used, last many years.

Fig. 131. - Hand Glass.