Stamens in many series, the twelve outer fertile. Flowers purple, lurid red or brownish, appearing in Summer. There are three North American species, with seven or eight names. Derived from 1 Calycanthus 23 cup or calyx, and avQos, a flower, from the coloured sepals.

1. C. floridus. Carolina Allspice. - Leaves oval or rotun-date, rounded at the base, hispid above, softly pubescent beneath. Flowers very shortly pedunculate. A compact free-flowering species, very common in gardens. There are several varieties in nurseries, under the names nanus, inoddrus, Penn-sylvanicus, asplenifolius, with cut leaves; bullatus, with bladdery leaves, etc.

2. C. Occidentalls. - Leaves oblong or ovate-cordate, acuminate, hispid above, slightly pubescent on the veins only beneath. A larger-growing shrub than the last, with larger leaves and fewer larger brighter coloured inodorous flowers on distinct peduncles. This includes C. macrophyllus of gardens.

C. Iaevigatus or glaucus is a variety or species seldom seen in gardens, having the under side of the leaf of a pale glaucous tinge.