No information is more welcome to the really enthusiastic Floriculturist than that which tells him where to meet with something good that he cannot get elsewhere. Last April we paid a visit to Mr. Boll's nursery, in 51st street, New-York, to see his Seedling Camellias, and as we have not unfrequently gone upon similar errands, without being very well satisfied with their results, we rather demurred at the long walk up Broadway. In this instance, however, we had no cause for regret. Many of his seedlings are good, and some of them decided acquisitions in color as well as shape. Our dollars always become restless in our pocket when we sec a really good thing, as well as new, in the shape of a flower; and we consequently wished to get one or two of these seedlings. But so unlucky were we in our choice, that some we fixed upon were not to be had until this season. As soon as they are in bloom, we intend to renew our visit, and we doubt whether any one who follows our example will repent it. But we advise all to do one thing, namely, leave their purse at home, for whatever good resolutions they may form, they will otherwise assuredly come home with it lighter than they went.