Rachel W. Morris. (Wellsboro.) The curled leaves and unhealthy habit of the snow balls, of which you complain, are the work of an insect. It is perhaps too late to effectually get rid of the trouble this season - but if you will manure the plants thoroughly next fall, cutout all the old wood, and prune and shorten back the new shoots till the plants are pretty thin and open, and then, as soon as the leaves begin to unfold, shower them once a week for three weeks, with tobacco water, you will get rid of the pest - and once well rid of it, you will probably have no further trouble. Left in undisturbed possession, it lays its eggs and provides a new colony of depredators every season. Your heliotropes, probably, do not flower in winter, because you plant them out and allow them to bloom all summer. To bloom well in winter, they should be kept in pots all the year, and shifted in fresh soil in September - so as to make new growth when you wish them to bloom. A. S., (Iowa.) Box may be readily propagated from seed, but we never heard of any being produced in this country.

Few plants, however, grow so freely from slips, if you will only take pains to pound the earth quite hard about the base of the cuttings when you plant them.