We still have a few bound volumes of the Horticulturist of 1865, '66, and '67, which we will send, postpaid, for $2 50 each, if single volumes only are taken of either years. All three years sent for $4 50. Those desiring back volumes to complete their sets have now an opportunity to obtain them at a very moderate rate.

"Record of Horticulture." By A. S. Fuller. The second number of this valuable work is now ready for delivery. Every man interested in fruits, flowers, or vegetables should have a copy for the description of new plants, shrubs, trees, and vegetables, with lists of the most valuable, which it contains. Every nurseryman and dealer in plants should have a copy, for it contains the address of 800 horticulturists, who want the circulars and catalogues of others in the trade.

This work does not contain an almanac and calendar of operations, and is not a collection of essays from different writers on different subjects, but gives the experience of one who knows what he is writing about and has no ax to grind himself, except to keep his readers posted in regard to the progress of horticulture. Sent, postpaid, from this office for $1.