Although the meeting was called on very short notice, yet it was well attended, and the exhibitions of flowers, fruits and vegetables were extensive and of very fair quality. The citizens of Stockbridge fully sustained the character they had before so richly earned - of strong devotion to the interests of the Society, and of hospitality to the world in general. The tables, decorations, and all the ft ceteras at the Town Hall were in excellent order. The songs of the Stockbridge Juvenile Choir gave an item of interest of great worth, commanding the applause and gratitude of all The exhibition of peaches was the best we have ever seen in this county, and contained one or two of the finest we ever saw any where. The pears, plums, and apples were good.

In flowers the exhibition was by far the finest we have had, no frost having touched the moat delicate flower.

In vegetables, a period two weeks later might have shown some larger ones, but those presented were large enough. - Culturist and Gazette.