Nothing marks the increased influence of the Horticulturist more than the demand for space in its advertising sheet; it seems likely to exceed, in extent of pages, the work itself. The present month's issue is an interesting resume' of the business of the country, north, south, east, and west, which will command attention. The printer has been curious enough to sum up the number of trees and shrubs in the thirty-four pages that have passed under his critical eye, and finds them to amount to two million and upwards, independent of those without enumeration of the quantity.

The importance of concentrating in one journal the whole advertising of this extensive and flourishing business must be apparent; we receive incidentally from correspondents the strongest evidence of its value to both buyer and seller, and were we at all disposed to be jealous, might take exception to remarks which indicate that it is the first part to be read. The publisher will give increased attention to this department, as the circulation Increases, and as he is enabled to spread this information before the purchasers, he may be obliged to increase his charges to prevent the advertising from exceeding the limits of the post-office regulations. The 20th of the month is now rather late.