A correspondent of the London Gardener's Chronicle asks a remedy for this pest, and receives the following reply:

"Prune your tree hard in, then paint it over down as far below the ground as you can get with the following mixture, viz., half a peck of quick lime, half a pound of flour of sulphur, and a quarter of a pound of lamp black, mixed with boiling water till of the consistency of paint First of all scrape off loose bark, which burn".

Prof. Harris says the following will be likely to prove as successful as any remedy that has been recommended:

"Scrape off all the rough bark of the infected tree and make them perfectly clean and smooth early in the spring; then rub the trunk and limbs with a stiff brush wet with a solution of potash in the proportion of two pounds to seven quarts of water; or, a pickle consisting of a quart of common salt in two gallons of water. Small limbs and such parte as may not be within reach of the application, should be cut away and burned.