This pest, which we saw on Long Island for the first time about six years ago, in the neighborhood of Bedford, has since worked its way up as far as Astoria on the north, nearly or quite destroying the Asparagus plant in its progress. Last spring (1861) it was seen at Washington Heights, on New York Island, and this spring (1862) it had progressed as far as Tabby Hook. It is very destructive to the Asparagus, eating it in all stages of its trans- formation. We have seen many fine beds utterly ruined, and in more than one locality the culture of Asparagus has been abandoned. We hare been giving some attention to the nature and habits of this beetle, and should be glad to hear from all our readers who have been troubled with it, our object in this being to ascertain the limits of its field of operations. It is a matter which deeply concerns every man who cultivates a bed of Asparagus. The insect is not native to this country, but is an importation.

The Asparagus Beetle #1

We have received additional items in regard to this beetle, but we think there most be others of our readers who have seen it. We desire all the information we can get.