This list is recommended by American Rural Home:

Dr. Lindley

Flowers large, of a light rose color; edges of the petals striped with carmine.

Due De Malakoff

Orange scarlet, striped with pale yellow.

Imperatrice Eugenie

White, striped with violet red inside, and lilac outside ; this is a superb variety.

James Veitch

Bright vermillion, stained with violet.

Lord Byron

Fiery scarlet, with pure white stain.


Another superb variety ; flowers brilliant red, stained with amaranth.

Mr. E. Brongniart

Large and finely formed ; rose striped with carmine; petals creamy white inside.


White, striped with rosy carmine ; one of the finest varieties.

Cultivators will remember that as soon as the foliage turns yellow in the fall, the bulbs must be taken up, well dried in the sun, placed carefully in paper bags, and kept in a dry place until next spring.