The Swiss naturalists are earnestly discussing the subject of the swarms of locusts which ravaged the valley of the Rhone in the Lower Valais last summer; swarms so numerous that they were hours passing a given spot, and hid the sun as a cloud. The inhabitants of the district are in dread lest the coming spring should hatch the eggs which now fill the ground all over many leagues; and systematic operations to dig them out, and to watch for and destroy the larvae, are recommended as the only means of preventing a worse visitation next. summer. In one of the locust seasons which sometimes afflict the south of France, the authorities of Marseilles paid 20,000 francs to destroyers of the pest, at the rate of twopence halfpenny a pound for eggs and locusts.

The Kiddean System of Propagation is placing cuttings in a vial half full of water and half with sand, so as to keep the cuttings upright, for rooting Oleanders, and such like. If you fill anything with water, and as much sand as will keep up the cuttings, and give them 70° of heat, they will all root, and astonish you with the ease with which they will do it in so short a time, and with hardly any trouble.

The petty annoyance or dishonest practice, whichever you choose to call it, of driving cattle ,into a neighboring proprietor's field, is far from being an uncommon one. A remedy which has never been known to fail, is here put on record. If the trespassing animals be cows, wait till afternoon: then have them well milked, and send them borne. If horses, let them instantly be put in carts, and sent off ten miles to fetch lime. A sudden strength will thenceforward invest your fences; and from having been so open that no efforts on the part of your neighbors could keep their cattle from straying into your fields, you will find them all at once impervious. - Fraser't Magazine.