Lupinusperennius - an elegant and showy plant, a native of our dry hills, scattered all over certain parts of the country; well worth cultivation. Three or four sorts have been introduced from the north-west coast by Douglass. L. polyphyllus. The spike of elegant bluish purple flowers from two to three feet high, continues in bloom a month; common on our dry sandy lands; would make a fine show in a cluster or bed. There is another kind - bicolor - flowers white and yellow, and very sweet-scented; can be grown from the seed.

There are a great number of other beautiful native plants that are worthy of cultivation, which we may notice at some other time. We hope to succeed in introducing to the notice of our young readers a taste for the cultivation and study of the beautiful productions of our country. Three-fourths of the beautiful flowers, so highly prized in European gardens, are actually natives of America.

[We Should Really Be Glad To See Some Of Our Native Flowers More Commonly Introduced Into The Garden, And Improved; And While We Think Mr. B.'s List A Good One As Far As It Goes, We Should Hesitate About Most Of The Starworts, Because Of Their Intrinsic Deficiencies. We Have A Long List Of Others Much Richer In All The Elements Of Real Beauty Ed].