The English public is greatly excited by the appearance of the Isabella Gray Rose. It is a noble yellow, and the only yellow everblooming rose we have; a noisette climber, of about the hardiness of the Cloth of Gold, from which it was raised from seed by Andrew Gray, of Charleston, S. C, who named it. The first public notice of it appeared in the Horticulturist three or four years ago, having been then exhibited before the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society by James Ritchie. It is extremely valuable, and yet scarce, orders from Europe having been numerous.

Poetry! - We do not often publish poetry, but the following (which comes to us through that best of periodicals, the Living Age, credited to the Boston Traveller) appears to us so rural, and, at the same time, so very full of oddity and fun, so out of the way in its versification, and, withal, so calculated, when read with the proper emphasis, to create more than a smile, that we deviate from our usual course, to give others a hearty laugh. It is to be hoped that" Cayenne Pepper" will continue, and apostrophise other great nuisances of rural life.