However strange it may seem, and unwilling as the world may be to believe that one man could in so short a time originate from seed so many superior varieties of cherries, it is nevertheless true. Season after season only proves the fact that all that has been said of them is correct, and that, as they become known, they will take precedence over all varieties yet introduced.

The originator (Prof. Kirtland) invites the world to produce two varieties equalling, in all respects, the "Gov. Wood" and "Kirtland's Mary." To these I would add "Black Hawk" and "Delicate." The latter rivals in delicacy the Belle de Choisy, when in its best condition, and the tree is far more productive.

The Professor has several more trees of his seedlings that "promise well," and of which notes have been made, and, in due course of time, will be given to the public.

Some Eastern originators might copy a good example from Western men, viz: by sending out grafts of new sorts gratis, or, at least, at fair prices; not charging five dollars a tree, as is sometimes practised. Prof. Kirtland has freely distributed grafts of his cherries gratis.