Dear Sir: I seldom see anything used but the scythe, in mowing lawns in this country. Now garden labor of all kinds is so dear here, that the mowing machines used in Great Britain, (which I noticed you spoke highly of in your letters from England,) would be particularly valuable in this country - both as saving labor and expense, and I may add, doing the work far more neatly than most of the ordinary mowers and gardeners. I have not used the lawn mowing machine in this country, though 1 have abroad, and I believe the American mowing machine is only adapted to the hay-fleld - quite a different thing from lawn mowing - which must be done like cutting velvet. I send you a cut and description of one of the English mowing machines, in the form of an advertisement, which very fairly describes the instrument, and may introduce it to some of your readers who will be benefitted by the information. Your obedient servant, A Montreal Subscriber. March 10,1852.

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