Some few weeks since our old and valued friend, Mr. Hogg, bade us good by, and took his departure for a new field of labor in Japan. We parted with him, as did scores of others, with feelings of the deepest regret, having the consolation of knowing, however, that he was going to a field which had filled his dreams for years. Probably no person has yet visited Japan better fitted as a collector of plants. Clothed with the authority of the United States government, whence he received his appointment, the probability is that many places will be open to him which have heretofore remained mostly closed, and we shall look for a collection of plants such as has never before been sent to this country. Though his appointment from the government has strictly nothing to do with plants, we know very well that Mr. Hogg can not fail to avail himself of his position and opportunities to add to his own knowledge and enrich our collections. Something at last will be done to vindicate us from a just reproach. We expect a letter occasionally from Mr. Hogg to lay before our readers.

We hope a kind Providence will watch over and prosper him in his undertakings.