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Mrs. Holmes endeavors to touch the heart, to take what is pure and excellent and hold it up to the reader in contrast with what is rile and deceptive. And in this she excols. The fireside, we are sure, will thank her heartily for these books, and preserve them with religions strictness, for they are entertaining as wall as instructive - NewYork Commercial Times, The two tales in this new volume are delightful, and will be well received by the many who have derived so much entertainment from their predecessors - Bos. Tro.

There is an air of truthfulness in her common-sense style, an absence of exaggeration and of high coloring, which conveys a sense of repose to the mind which has fed on the artificial stimulus of exciting novels. Her womanly gentleness wins the heart, and her charming fancy throws a spell over the imagination. - Detroit Free Pre**.

The incidents in both these stories are such as pertain to dally experience, and on that account they bring out more touchingly the traits of individuals in whom the author determines to interest her readers. Her knowledge of the human heart, in childhood, and in the multiform trials of woman's lot, gives her the power of an experienced artist. - N. Y. Express.

She has the happy faculty of enlisting the sympathies and affections of her read-era. and of holding their attention to her pages with deep and absorbing interest. - Albany Timet.

The two stories which make up this volume - "Dora Dense"and "Maggie Miller - have the elements of as wide a popularity as either of their predecessors. She wields a graceful and graphic pen. Her characters are skillfully portrayed, and the never falls to win and retain the good opinion of her readers, She has not failed in this agreeable volume. - Detroit Advertiser.

These stories are told in her best manner. "Maggie Miller" will be found par-ticulariy interesting. The characters are finely drawn, and the incidents are life-like and truthful. - Lowell Vow Popuil.

The stories in this volume will be read by every lover of fiction with unadulter-ated satisfaction. As a student of human character Mrs. Holmes has few equals, and her descriptive faculties are of a superior order. "Maggie Miller" especially demonstrates this fact Borne of its passages, as specimens or spirited composition, are seldom excelled. - Troy Times.

The two stories in the work before us are among the most entertaining the talented authoress has ever written; there is, throughout both, a charm and a beauty which cannot fall to please, and they have not a dull page within them. The characters are sketched with a master pen - not overwrought but yet so earnestly life-like as to bo full of interest - and an easy grace pervades the whole. - LacrenceAmerican.

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For the Farm,

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