BY MRS. MARY J. HOLMES, The Popular Author of "Tempest and Sunshine" end "The English Orphana,"

In One Volume, 38 Pages, 12mo. Price $. .

The numerous and delighted readers of "TUMBEST AND SUNERINE" The Eng-LISH ORPHANS" - Mrs Holmes former works - will be pleased to learn that another work of their favorite author is again within their reach. That this work will be eagerly sought and widely read, her former brilliant success affords the surest guaranty.

Mrs. Holmes is a peculiarly pleasant and fascinating writer. Her subjects are the homo and family relations. she has the happy faculty of enlisting the sympathies and aflfections of her readers and of holding their attention to her pages, with deep • and absorbing Interest. THE Homsstead on the Hillside is, therefore, attracting the livellest attention; and renders and REVIEWERs ARE DECIDED IN ITs PRAISE, Any one taking up the book must take a " through ticket," as there is no stopping place "this side" or the last page. The arte of the designing woman are given in their true color, showing to what olly-tongued hypocrisy humanity will stoop for the furtherance of Its purposes; what a vast amount of unhappiness one Individual may bring upon an otherwise happy family: what untold misery may result from the grovelling spirit of fancied revenge, when cherished in the bosom of its unhappy possessor. - Brockport Gasette.

The talented author of "Tempest and Sunshine" has again hit on a happy subject "The Homestead on the Hillside" has afforded her ample scope for the exercise if those high descriptive powers and those striking portraitures of character which have rendered her former works such general favorites, in one word, the book before us is so ordinary production. - philsdelphia Daily News, Vigor, variety, a boldness and freedom of style and expression, eccentricity alike of character and incident are among its most striking peculiarities. She has Improved in the book before us, upon her first effort, and several of these tales will not fail to add to her already well established reputation as a vigorous and attractive writer. - Boston Atlsa.

The artfulness and resignation exhibited by the Widow Garter, in her modest but not unnatural endeavors to gain the tender regard of Mr. Hamilton, as she smoothed the pillow of his dying wife, deserve the especial attention of gentlemen liable to a like attempt from a similar cause. They will doubtless see a dozon widows in the very drees and position of the philanthropic Mrs. Garter. There is quite a moral for young misses, too, in the book."-N. Y. Dutchman.

It cannot fail to please the lovers of flowing and graceful narrative. - Tribuns.

It will be superfluous to say that Mrs. Holmes is a charming writer. - True Flag.

Its genial spirit, its ready wit, Its kindly feeling, will doubtless meet with due appreciation from all its readers. It touches with ready sympathy the fountains of mirth and tears, and one can neither restrain the one nor withhold the other, in reading its tales of joy and sorrow. - Brooms Repub.

We have perused this book with none but feelings of pleasure; and we have closed its pages, bearing in our heart Its sweet spirit and eloquent moral We heartily commend it - Lockport Courier.

Her portrayal of human character and setions are admirable: her style Is fluent and fascinating, and a most latsnse degree of interest is kept up throughout the volume. But among all its excellent qualities, most prominent appears its eloquent morals. Send it, so that you can have it to say, "I Once HEAD a good book." - Lockport Dens.

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Quiet, Gentle, Home-like, Earnest, Truthful.