Preeminently superior among the new varieties of vegetables which from time to time come before the public, stands this new Broccoli, being by far the best variety of that esteemed vegetable that has yet come under my notice; and possessing as it does all the good qualities which its name implies, I feel I shall be doing the public a service by making its merits more generally known. For the last three years I have grown this sort along with others of known excellence, with the same unvaried result in favor of the "Ne Plus Ultra," and during the last year, a season of unparalleled fatality to Broccolies, while others were killed this sort stood uninjured, producing its fine heads in May and June, equal if not superior to other sorts in favorable seasons. The chief merits of this Broccoli consist in its being very hardy, possessing a dwarf habit, with large and compact rich cream-colored heads, which are protected by ample smooth glaucous foliage, and it has the richest flavor in the whole tribe.

Need I say more than this, that it possesses all the finest qualities of the far-famed Penzance Broccoli, in addition to a hardiness which has long been a desideratum in that otherwise excellent sort No garden, however small, should be without it - H. Mitchell, in London Gard Chronicle.