Sown April 10th; still remained in the cabbage form without running July 27th. Compact, finely blanched, crisp, and tender; leaves having the margins dentate, a little curled. As in the last season, so in this, it has proved the best Cabbage Lettuce. From the above detail it appears that the above are the best summer Lettuces, and that various others reputed new and good, are not deserving of cultivation.- Ibid., p. 26.

The Barker Nectarine, when first introduced from Mr. Barker of Suedia. was noted as producing leaves of globose glands, large flowers, and peaches of little merit. Subsequently, one small twig was observed having reniform glands. Buds from this were taken and worked on a tree against the south wall, and the fruit proves to be the Nectarine. Leaves with reniform glands; flowers small: fruit large obovate, dark red next the sun; pale yellowish green where tarine. originally obtained from the same gen-tlcruen, the one having a sweet, the other a bitter kernel. - lb id., p. 25.