Sulphur And Essential Oils

Here Viticola tells us when to use, and we shall be glad to learn the result of trial the coming season; and if the old saying of " an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is correct, we see not why this may not be the ounce wanted. Let us try it

Sulphur For Fruit-Trees

The use of sulphur around fruit trees has always seemed beneficial. It is recommended now as one of the remedies for the Phylloxera - and a fruit grower lately tried the experiment of applying it as a fertilizer. He made a mixture of lime, salt and sulphur, applied it directly to his peach trees with a surprisingly good effect.


P. Madeleine.

Q. Beurre Giffard.

Q. p. Dearborn's Seedling.

P. Manning's Elizabeth.

Q. Doyenne d'Ete.

Q. Osband's Summer.

Q. Haggerston.

Q, p. Julienne.

Q. Tyson.

Q, Rostiezer.

Q. Ananas d'Ete.

P. Bartlett.

Q. p. Belle Lucrative.

P. Brandywine.

P. Bloodgood is too poor a grower to be much recommended. We should prefer the Cabot, the Henkel, the Baronne de Mello, instead.

Summer Bulbs

A Working Lady Gardener, (Staten Island, N. Y.) The best bulbs for blooming in the borders in summer, are the following: Mexican Tiger flowers, (two colors,) Tuberoses, Gladiolus floribundus, roseus, gan-davensis, formossissima, and several other Ghent varieties; Amaryillis, Johnsonia and formossissima, Crocus autumnalis, Oxalis Bo-weii, Lilium Japonicum and specioeum. The latter should be planted in a shady sheltered border. The others only require a rich sandy loam - the manure either poudrette or very rot-ton stable manure - the former the best - and a sunny open border. Plant all of these as soon as possible, before the middle of May.

Summer Bulbs 70029

Summer Flowers

During the season of outdoor flowering the demand from the city is unceasing, and the small dealers, as well as the large, visit or send to the out-of-town gardens daily for their supplies. Just now, probably, the largest trade in cheap flowers is done at the ferries, at the hotels, and even in the streets. At the Astor House steps the flower stand at early evening is thronged with customers, and although the stock of cut flowers appears to be small, it yet holds out until a late hour. At the ferries the sales are very large, and there are few people crossing who are too poor to purchase a bouquet for the adornment of their homes."


Summer Lettuces

White Paris Cos: Of all the varieties of summer Cos Lettuces, this was the largest, the best and longest in running to seed; it was sown April 10th. and had not commenced to run July 27th, when the other Cos Lettuces sown on the same day were running to flower. Malta, sown April 10th; it was only running partially July 27th. A good Cabbage Lettuce, larger than the Neapolitan; leaves dentate, their margins not curled.- - Ibid., p. 26.