Succulent Plant

Prof. George Thurber, president of the Torrey Botanical Club, of New York, advocates increased attention to succulent plants, one of which in particular is warmly commended - the " Variegated Ice Plant." It is a dwarf, of trailing habit, with creamy white foliage, and is exceedingly valuable for bedding purposes.

The Othouna crassifolia is said to be remarkably attractive as a basket plant, the long slender stems, with their fleshy leaves, presenting a pretty feature when drooping over the edge. It is a rapid grower, was tested the past season as a bedder, or carpet plant, and is considered admirably suited to the purpose.

Suffolk Beauty Apple

The Gardener's Monthly describes a new apple under the above name as of the "Rambo family," and being 2$ inches wide by 2 deep; oblate, tapering somewhat toward the apex; basin, small and shallow; calyx, small, and mostly colored; stem, cavity medium depth, stem one inch long, slender; color, yellowish white, with a few dark green dots and a little russet near the stem; flesh, white, agreeable sub-acid; season, 10th August to October.

Sugar Or Eatable Pod

Four feet. Strong vines. Not as productive as Champion of England, but one of the good sorts.

A Suggestion To Builders

Cleanliness and freedom from insect annoyance will be produced by building kitchen walls solely of bricks, and painting their surface. No washooard is needed, and thus a sweet, clean, and handsome kitchen is produced, at less cost, too, than by employing plasterand "roughing off." We have seen an excellent specimen, giving great satisfaction both to the cook and her employer.

Suggestions For Planting Home Grounds

Amateurs should be educated to make their own selections of trees, and plant according to right principles. They must therefore learn, as well from experience and observation, as well as follow the advice of landscape gardeners or horticultural journals. At a recent meeting of the Jacksonville (111.) Horticultural Society, Dr. McFarland read a good report from the committee on trees and shrubbery, which contains much common sense advice. Evergreens should be planted not so much for immediate effect, as for future use and beauty. Space, sunlight and protection are their three absolute requirements, and any attempt to grow them to perfection in crowded groups, or in enclosures where grazing animals are ever allowed to roam at large, will be met with certain failure.

Sulphate Of Ammonia

G. M. H. informs us that he was unable to obtain this article at the drug shops in Boston. It can be had of "Walter B. Snow, 23 Market-street, Providence, R I., who states that he has sold it to many in that vicinity, who have been much pleased with its operation. Price 25 cts. per lb.

Sulphite Of Lime

This article was for the first time brought to the notice of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society some five or six years since by Trot Horsford, of Harvard University. This salt has the property of arresting the process of fermentation, and was recommended by the professor for preserving cider, though it may be used in other beverages produced by fermentation. We have tried it, and found it to fulfil the purpose for which it is recommended. Other salts of lime have been sold and used for the purpose, and with ill results. The season of cider making being at hand, we call the reader's attention to the subject, with a caution to be sure and get well-prepared sulphite of lime.