Azalea Occidentals, Torrey And Gray, Bot. Mag., T. 5005

The plant just published under this name in the Botanical Magazine is known in gardens as Azalea Californica. It has pale yellowish flowers, and is probably as Sir William Hooker suggests a mere form of A. calendulacea, of little horticultural importance.

Azalea, (Wild Honeysuckle, May Apple.)

Now let us plunge into the deep woods, and where the hand of man has never violated its retreat, we shall find this sweet flower. What lover of nature ever returned from a ramble in our forests in smiling May, without which always attract by their rich color and delicate fragrance. Many species are common, varying in color, but in other respects similar.

Azalea, Admiration

One of the most beautiful varieties in cultivation. Color pure white, flaked with bright carmine; an early and abundant bloomer.

Azalea, Adolphi Fl. Pleno

Double purple; a fine, free, early bloomer.

Azalea, Albertus

Large red flower; an abundant bloomer; habit of plant, close and compact; an excellent kind for grafting upon the stronger growing varieties, the stems of which should be from twelve to eighteen inches in height.

Azalea, Ardens

A splendid bright orange scarlet, of a most beautiful texture; habit of plant free and upright.

Azalea, Beauty De La Europe

This is not a new but a charming variety. Color of flower, pink, beautifully striped with carmine. No collection, however small, should be without this beautiful variety.

Azalea, Criterion

Salmon pink, with a distinct margin of pure white, and beautifully spotted, with crimson in the upper segment; extra fine.

Azalea, Glory Of Sunning Hill

This is not a new but is a beautiful variety, and wherever two azaleas can be grown, this should be one. Color of flower a fine rosy pink and very double, well filled up to the centre when well grown; habit of plant very good.

Azalea, Iveriana

A most beautiful variety; color pure white, beautifully striped with red. The form and size of flower, with the habit of the plant, is excellent, and highly deserves extended cultivation wherever azaleas are grown.

Azalea, Trotheriana

A fine and beautiful variety of upright growth. Color of flower a bright violet rose; an abundant bloomer.

Azaleas - Azalea Indica, Impera-Trice Charlotte (Comte L. De Beauffort)

Exceedingly large flowers, of perfect shape and substance, dark crimson, slightly sal-moned, with broad red-orange stripes on all the petals, and broadly margined with a pure white band, and a dark red-brown blotch on the upper petals; one of the very finest and most distinct varieties ever sent out. Introduced by Jean Verschaffelt.

Azarum Canadense, (Wild Ginger.)

Beneath that decayed log, thrusting aside the fallen leaves, some large and broad kidney-shaped leaves, attached to a kind of subterranean stem, appear, and close in at their base may be found a small purplish flower. The pleasing fragrance of its stem and root, are the chief merits of this plant.

B. Lossee, Coburg, C. W

Yes: we have a very kindly feeling for Canada, and rejoice in her horticultural success. Send us a figure and description of the St. Lawrence Apple. Seed of the American Holly can be procured of most seedsmen. The Tulip-tree does not Dear very young. The cultivation or raising of shellbark hickory we have published in the journal and in "Michaux's Sylva." The tree should be cultivated both for beauty and fruit.