"The tree is known by its fruits." An exception to this is the dog-wood, which is known by its bark. - Punch.

Botanical Names

Mr. Downino - Dear Sir*. Will you be kind enough to answer through the Horticulturist, how such words as the fallowing are pronounced. Smithii, Fortunii, Dill-wynii, Scottii, etc.; and what is the difference between the above names, and those that end with one i, in pronunciation. II. II. Williams. Cincinnati, Oct. 27, 1851.


L. Wetherell, C. P. Dewey, Geo. H. Smith, J. W. Seward, and C. M. Booth.

Botany #1

A Mass. Subscriber. The natural system is considered superior to the artificial, but the latter is much more easily mastered by beginners. We would commend to you as a first hand-book, by which to become acquainted with the Flora around you, Eaton's Manual of Botany. Then take up Gray's Bo-tany of the northern and middle states. No person who loves nature, and lives in the country, should neglect to become sufficiently acquainted with botany to find out the names and history of every plant he meets.

Botany Made Easy

An excellent specimen of the crack jaw tongue is found in the (English) Charterhouse examinations for 1873, under the head of botany, where the scholar is told to explain the following terms: " Malva has a gamose-palous calyx, a polypetalous hypogynous corolla, polyandrous monadelphous epipeta-lous stamen, and a superior syncarpous pistil."

Botany Misapprehended

The Norristown Herald says that a man in Lower Merion wrote to the editor of a horticultural journal and asked " What are the most advantageous addition to dried grasses, for winter ornaments?" The editor replied - " Acroclinum roseum, A. alba, Gomphrena globosa, and G. globosa carnea" When the Lower Merion man read this he fairly boiled with rage, and immediately sent a note to the editor ordering his paper to be discontinued. . He said no editor who swore that way, just because he asked a simple question, should have his support.

Bottled Light

Niepce St. Victor, pursuing his researches, finds that light will retain its action for six months; that is, you may seal up sunshine in a tube in July, and in December take a photograph therewith; but only one, for a single impression exhausts it Again, if garden mould be taken from a depth beneath the surface, and carried into a dark room, no photographic result is produced; but if it be mould from the surface, on which the sun has been shining, then the sensitive paper becomes darkened. Here we see a striking instance of the energy of light; .still active though shut out from the sun; and while science and art may find rich promise therein, we think that facts will be elicited exhibiting yet more clearly than at present the important function of light upon health.

Bottom Heat And Tomato Plants

I have failed with tomato plants started in the green-house. The first start is all right, but they do not continue to grow, and when set out in the open ground grow beautifully less from day to day. I imagine bottom heat, not general temperature, is what they need, unless I could keep them up continuously to a high temperature until midsummer. Looking back over some of my old notes, I find similar results and experience years agone.