The time has nearly arrived when we look for a large accession to our subscription list. New names are already coining in, and if our old friends would interest themselves a little, the number would swell rapidly. Now is the time to show your sincerity. Our publisher is preparing a premium list which will add a stimulus to your exertions. Do not wait for that, however, but go ahead.

New Subscribers #1

We are now receiving clubs very freely, and would remind all club agents that they may add other names as often as they choose, at the same rates, after the first full club has been formed and paid for; any subscriber who has remitted for one, two or three subscriptions, and afterwards has been able to get up a club of five or ten, may have the money previously paid credited toward his club.

We give the Eumelan Grape or Lilium Auratum as a premium for all clubs of two, three or five, and for all clubs of five or over, an extra copy of The Horticulturist, free.