Commencement of the Fifty-seventh Volume.

From the first of January, 1861, the Knickerbocker Magazine will be published by the undersigned.

With the change of Publisher the Magesine will be materially enlarged, and such improvements in its page, paper, type, and general appearance will be effected, as the progress of the age demands.

In the January number will commence the publication of a New Novel of New York Life, by Richard B. Kimball, author of "St. Ledger," etc.; also, a New Romance by Harriet E. Prescott, author of "St. Rohan's Ghost," "Amber Gods," etc., entitled The volume will contain a series of RECOLLECTIONs OF MEN AND THINGS, by Jobs W. FRANCIS, M.D , LL.D., author of "Old New York," etc.

A series of HUMOROUs PAPERS, by Charles G. Leland, Esq., (Mace Stoper,) author of "Meister Karl's Sketch Book" and editor of "Vanity Fair".

A series of articles on WHAT A BLIND MAN SAW IN EUROPE, by Rev. Henry W. Milburn, (The Blind Preacher).

BIOGRAPHICAL AND HISTORICAL SKETCHES, by Javier Parton, Esq., author of "Life of Burr," etc.; and How. Joel T. Headlet, author of " Napoleon and his Marshals".

Articles on STATEs PRIsON LIFE AND EXPERIENCE, by Hon. JOHN W. Edmonds.

TALEs AND SKETCHES, by Miss Cathaam M Srdorwioc, Mrs. C. M, KiRxland, and John T. IrvING. Esq , author of "The Attorney," etc.

EDITORIAL CORRESPONDENCE DURING TWENTY YEARS, (The Editor's Table, and Monthly Gossip with Readers and Correspondents), by Louis GaYlord Clark.

Together with articles in prose and verse by the following distinguished writers:

Hon. George Bancroft, Hon. Guliaw C. Yerplanck, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Fits Green Halleck, George D. Prentice, Edwin P. Whipple, Epes Sargent.

Drd G. Mitchell, (Ik Marvell) R. Grant White, T. Bailey Aldrich, E. C. Stedman, Fits James O'Brien, Henry T. Tuckermaa, Richard Henry Stoddard, Miss Dorothea L. Dix, Miss Augusta J. Evans, Samuel Osgood, D.D., Prof. C. B. Haddock, Robert S. Chilton, George H. Clark, Guy H. McMaster, William Pitt Palmer, A. Oakey Hall, Fits Hugh Ludlow, R Shelton Mackenzie, Alfred B. Street, Rev. F. W. Shelton, Thomas W. Parsons, W. H. Holcombe, M.D., C Astor Briated, Henry W. Rockwell, Henry P. Leland, W. H. C. Hosmer, James T. Brady, and many others.